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Mission Statement of St. Martin

We, the parish of St. Martin in New Derry, Pennsylvania are a historic, rural community of hardworking descendants of miners, steel and factory workers and farmers. Various ethnic orientations, proud traditions and a strong sense of family unity enrich our parish life. 

We are a Catholic community committed to keeping our faith alive and growing.  We nurture our faith by celebrating the Eucharist, living the Scriptures, being true to church teachings and receiving the sacraments.  We hope to reflect the life, love and message of Jesus Christ by strengthening the faith of our families and by reaching out to our neighbors to build up the Kingdom of God.

Mission Statement of St. Joseph

We the people of St. Joseph’s, Derry, became strong with the advent of the railroad. While small we are kept on track by being able to pull together our diversity and work toward the common purpose of following Jesus Christ. In utilizing the gifts and talents of our parishioners, we will strive to meet the needs of St. Joseph Parish.

As a Catholic community of faith united together to spread the Gospel message of peace and love, we respond to the needs of all, as in traditions of our ancestors. We pledge to become more alive as a parish, to be a guide and an example to our youth and our community by following the same message Christ handed down to be empowered by the grace of the sacraments in order to love one another, and pray together as Christians.