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Small (25%)Advent Communal Reconciliation ServicesNo

​To prepare our hearts in this Advent season for the coming of Christmas, consider making a good examination of conscience and participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

The first of our Advent Communal services will be held on Monday, December 6, 2021, 6:45 PM at St. Martin following the evening Mass.  ALL ARE WELCOME! 

Mark your calendars for the following Reconciliation Services being offered at other parishes.  All services begin at 7 PM.  There will be a number of priests from our region available to assist in hearing confessions for our Partner Parishes.

There is no greater gift that we can receive, and also give, than to be reconciled with God and one another as we prepare to celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord.

Thursday December 9 - St. James, New Alexandria

Monday December 13 - St. John, Latrobe

Tuesday December 14 - St. Bartholomew, Crabtree

Wednesday December 15 - St. Joseph

Thursday December 16 - Holy Family, Latrobe

Small (25%)Annointing Mass for the SickNo

​A Special Mass for the Annointing of the Sick and Elderly will be celebrated at St.Jospeh Parish on Thursday December 9,2021 at 11:00 a.m.  A light luncheon and some fellowship will follow in the social hall after Mass.  

Who may participate in this Sacrament of the Annointing of the Sick and Elderly?

Any individual dealing with serious health issues, such as cancer or heart problems.

Those now dealing with the realities of old age, which has weakened their health and mobility.

Individuals preparing for major or serious surgery which may involve risks and uncertainties.

Individuals with psychological or emotional issues. Since a luncheon is being planned, if you would wish to participate in the luncheon after the Annointing Mass, please let Tish Rossi know (724-694-8309) no later than Monday, December 6.

Medium (50%)Annual ReportNoYes
Small (25%)Growing Support for Our Faith CommunityNo

​Father Sam asks you to be on the lookout for a series of communications between now and Christmas that will encourage all of us to help grow support for our faith community.

You will be receivng a postcard in the mail about stewardship and how much your gifts mean to our church.  And a few weeks later you will be receivng our annual report which explains how our parish cares for the spiritual and material needs of our faith community.

Sadly, as you can imagine, the coronavirus has greatly impacted every form of stewardship at our parish.  If you are willing to give of your time and talent to help those in need, please look for our ministry listings in our annual report and contact us to volunteer. Also, your continued financial support, during this difficult time will help our parish to maintain and continue God's work.  As you will see on the postcard, even a small increase in your weekly offertory giving can make a big difference  in offsetting the overalll loss of donations over the last year.

Thank you for prayerfully considering ways that you can help us grow the seeds of faith.  

Medium (50%)Mass ScheduleNo

​Mass Schedule

Weekday Masses will be open to the public.

Monday 6 p.m. St. Martin, New Derry

Tuesday 8 a.m. St. Joseph, Derry

Thursday 8 a.m. St.Joseph, Derry

Friday 8 a.m. St.Martin, New Derry


Saturday 5 p.m. St. Joseph, Derry

Sunday 9 a.m. St. Martin

10:30 a.m. St. Joseph


Father Sam will hear confessions at regularly scheduled times and by appointment.

Saturday 4:15 p.m. St. Joseph in the Sacristy

Monday 5:30 p.m. St. Martin Cry Room

Small (25%)St. Joseph Altar Rosary Society Reverse Advent ProgamNo

​The St. Joseph Altar Rosary Society together with the St. Vincent DePaul Society will once again sponsor a Reverse Advent Calendar.  Last year society members bought and boxed 25 non-perishable items, which were directly given to the needy families in our area.  This year, instead of purchasing non-perishable items, we are asking for a $1.00 dollar a day for 25 days, to purchase a $25.00 Walmart gift card to be given to each member of these needy families.  We are inviting any parishioner to donate to the cause.  Any monetary donations will be accepted.  Please make a donation in an envelope marked, Reverse Avent in the collection basket, before December 12, 2021.  Thank You.

Small (25%)Watch the "Accent on Air: The wonder of the Nativity"No

​The wonder of the Nativity, its history, significance and characters are all part of the Christmas special.  The team of the Catholoc Accent explores the role of Christmas angels and decodes the important messages that influenced the birth of Jesus.  Plus, centuries later, why catholics still celebrate the Epiphany.  Also, Bishop Larry J. Kulick shares a recipe to serve at your holiday gathering.

Go to-   TheAccentOnline.org-   to read all about it.

Small (25%)Welcome Sister Charlene Ozanick, CSSFNo

​Father Sam is happy to announce that Sr. Charlene Ozanick, CSSF has been hired to the position of Parish Pastoral Associate. As a Parish Pastoral Associate, Sr. Charlene, will assist the parish clergy in the overall care of the people of St. Martin and St. Joseph.  Sr. Charlene is a member of the congregation of Felician Sisters which is an international order of religious women.  Today over 2300 Felicians minister to God's people in the U.S, Canada, Poland, Brazil, England, Ukraine, Estonia, Kenya,and Italy.

The Felician Mission is most simply explained today as the call to cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world. The Felicians live in community and live an active/contemplative life within the church today.  Sr. Charlene is currently liviing at St. Anne Home in Greensburg.

Small (25%)WELCOME to our  Parish FamilyNo

​We are looking forward to growing in our faith with the following new members:

St. Joseph

Melissa Lowe

Scott & Erika Woodmancy 

Krista Thomas

Ronald & Suzanne Edsall

Leonard & Michelle Mucci

Mr. Bobby Thompson

Mr. Scott Thompson

St. Martin

Stone & Katie Kepple

Lindsay Piantine

Mark & Sharon Piantine

Shane & Jordan Willochell

Ryan & Payge Kelly

Mr. James Castellani

Small (25%)Welcome to St. Joseph/Martin Parishes Deacon Drew DeCreaseNo

​We are happy to announce that Deacon Drew DeCrease has been assigned to our Partner Parishes by Bishop Larry Kulik.  

He will serve the Parish Community  and assist with the pastoral and spiritual work of our parishes.

Hence, Let us give him a warm welcome and envelope him in our continued prayers, as One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic parish community as he goes about commencing his pastoral works.


​The Church cannot survive without your financial support!   Please continue to support the Church during these trying times.  Please mail in your contributions to the parish office; they also can be dropped off at the Parish Office mailbox and the Rectory mailbox at St. Martin; you can contribute through online giving. (see below)

Parishioners may wish to consider donating to St. Martin/St.Joseph by online giving.  This option can be arranged through one's bank.  

NOW AVAILABLE is a user friendly option to donate electronically through our Partner Parish website. Simply go to the upper right hand corner of the website and click the tab marked DONATE.  This helpful tab allows parishioners to donate electronically to both the PARISH OFFERTORY and this year's DLA.

Small (25%)Emergency ServicesNo
Please feel free to call any of these numbers if experiencing a personal crisis or are in need of emergency material assistance.

Catholic Charities Helpline - 1‑866‑409‑6455
(Provides 24 -7 emergency material assistance and personal crisis assistance)   

St. Vincent de Paul Helpline - 724‑694‑5359
(Provides emergency economic assistance)
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